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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Crazy4Chicks, May 5, 2009.

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    I set 12 Bobwhite eggs I got off ebay - the goal was to have them move to the zoo when old enough - but out of the 12 only 2 hatched

    I ** THINK ** I MIGHT have a male and female if that is the case they will stay here with me and the other quail

    I will try and get pics of them to get an idea of sex

    right now they are living in a 24X24 wire cage in the quail room and I would like to add things to the cage for them to enjoy

    will they use a nest box ?

    will they enjoy a perch ?

    I will be adding a sandbox for them as soon as I find another small shoe box LOL

    and how big will they get ?

    right now I have buttons and Coturnix so using them as a size guide -- will they be bigger than the Coturnix, smaller or about the same size ?
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    Mar 31, 2007
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    Hi - Normal bobwhites are just a little smaller that normal coturnix. Coturnix are a little meatier. I don't know if they will use a nest box or not, but mine do like to roost and I also put a pine branch in the corner of the large cage I have them in and they like to use it as a hide spot. Mine love to dust bathe.

    I have georgia giant bobwhites and they are such lovely birds. I have hand fed them treats since they were hatchlings and they will take mealworms and crickets from my fingers. They are very tame and not flighty and skittish. They talk to me all the time, almost more than my chickens do. I get a lot of joy watching them.
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    One of my Bobwhites lays in a corner of the coop. The other 2 lay where ever, could be anyplace in the coop.

    Does anyone know how long Bobwhites lay during the season? I know they are "warm weather" layers. But how long into the warm weather do they continue to lay?

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