bobwhites not in coop at night

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    Have only had the bobwhite quail (5 female, 3 male - about 4 months old) for less than 3 weeks. It was a mercy adoption, unplanned. So I am very ignorant and really welcome advice.

    They are in a small coop 4x4 about 5 feet tall, attached to a run about 8x8 three feet tall. A few times some are outside in the run at night. I have figured out that sometimes a quail in the coop flies up to the roost - the 'flushing' sound panics a few of the quail who run out into the run. The coop does have a window but it is darker than the run, and they don't go back into the run.

    They do like the roost - during the day they go into the coop and roost in the sun. About half the group roosts for the night on the roost, with the rest in the hay.

    1. Should I remove the roost? I was surprised they use it, but if flying up to it sends some of the quail outside....

    Also, I have on the floor of the coop. I live in Northern Minnesota.
    2. haybox: Should I make a box with that mousehole opening and put it inside the coop full of hay? partly full of hay? jsut a little hay?

    3. Is the box something that will make them feel safer or is it to conserve warmth?


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