Bock- Bock, from the Buckeye State (Ohio)


Feather Hill Farm
8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
Hi all! I am not really new to chickens. I kinda have a life long love affair thing going on with them. Over the years I have had many different flocks. Never really went without with a peep here and there. Even when I lived in the city I managed to have a small backyard flock, if at times somewhat covertly. Moving back to the fresh air and freedom of the country became a must. I have in the past couple of years cut back and sold some of my favorite ladies and their gents to which I deeply regret.
Chickens to me is like love. With love sometimes the flame dwindles and you lose that loving feeling, but once gone you are eager to get it back! Now that I am settled into that 40 something range and know that my romance with my feathered friends will never go away I have resigned to the fact that I will always be refered to as that "Chicken Lady" by all the surrounding neighbours and kids. Ah... That's Amore!

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