Bonding with your babies

Sit next to them, bring food/treats!
Move slowly, don't come at them from above.

What breeds are they? Some are pretty flighty compared to others.
spend time with them - hold them as often as you can - offer them treats from your hand.
I have a brooder full of 19 babies ranging from 2 weeks to 1 week - and I have been doing everything to get them used to me - treats is a fast way to win a baby chicks love LOL

I got 3 Silver Sea Brights, 12 americana’s, 3 Blue Cochins, 3 Golden Laced Cochins, 2 Mille Fleurs and 3 White Silkies, I was sitting in their pen and putting food on my lap so now when
I sit down the all run to sit on me One of them has a scissored beak
I am very worried about her. Do you know if there is anything I can do? (also what do you give chicks for treats?)
well right now my are loving the new leaves from the trees outside - the bright green ones they go nuts for them - I have also given them a little bit of oatmeal - all my chickens love it young and adult !!

I also gave them a little apple finely cut up and they went nuts over it.
My chicks liked the oatmeal but the apple........ no way they picked at it than ran away
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