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    I came across this older thread and was wondering if anyone gives Bone Meal to their girls? I have one hen that in the past few months has been laying thinner shells. She used to lay nice hard ones. She is a good layer of jumbo eggs nearly every day. She may skip one day a week. Lately he shells have gotten thinner and more brittle. I was wondering if there is any supplement I could give her to get her back on track and strengthen her shells. The other hens and pullets have nice hard shells. She used to too. I was thinking about more calcium. They currently have dishes of free choice oyster shells but maybe they/she could use some added source of calcium. While I was researching I came across using Bone Meal and did a search.
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    I was gonna say oyster shell but she has that. I dunno but good question. I'll be watching this to see what others say.
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    I thought DE was supposed to help as far as shell formation, but could be wrong about that. I'd tend to stay away from bone meal because of the various chemicals fed to animals and the conditions of the abattoirs.

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    mine won't eat much oyster shell, but they love any dairy products so I give them some a couple of times a week. I don't know about bone meal though. I have a few that lay softer shells, and I try to give them extra cheese.
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    When I cook eggs, I keep all my eggshells and crush them up and give them back to my hens--I have never had a problem with thin eggshells. My family has been doing this for many years. Hope this works for you.

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