Bonnie & Clyde's new house :)


12 Years
May 19, 2011
Manson, WA
Here is a picture of their new house ... with 4 of them now, their dog kennel was not big enough for them to be comfortable in so we now have them up off the ground with wood flooring (cedar). The dog kennel came apart so we split it down the middle and put 1/2 on each side. On the left side of their house in the picture is where there is a nest box is that runs the width of the kennel. I am hoping that the girls will like to see each other while nesting :) If not, we can put dividers up.
The green box on the outside was Bonnie's nest box when they were in with the alpacas (their barns are the same green), so now it needs to be painted to match their home. It is now their feeding box as they aren't getting food or water in their new home.
They seem to have adapted well to the changes now. The only thing they are not crazy about it the temporary step to get in the house but it will have to do until we get the permanent one done.
Oh, the one picture also shows Sparky (the black) and Ditto, our two "little" boys (they are a year old).


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