Bonny and Rusty's first and hints on incubating please!

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    Hello fellow Chicken Lovers!

    My miniature Ginger Oxford Game have just started producing beautiful little white eggs. (or one of them has....Bonny....the other two hens are not quite ready yet!)

    I'm pretty sure that chances of fertility are high as she and our Cockerel Rusty have been incredibly "active"!

    Last year we set 3 fertile eggs in ur little R-com incubator, candling them at 6 days and probably twice more the following week. All seemed to be fertile and healthy.

    2 of the eggs reached full term and we were up all night, camped in the spare room, watching them wobble and tap for hours, only to be devastated when they never hatched.

    Our "Egg Man" very kindly gave us 4 of his day old chicks, which are now our beloved flock, living in Peckingham Palace in our garden. They are the most spoiled chickens on the planet!

    We would welcome any suggestions, hints and advice on how to ensure this batch hatch healthy (assuming of course they are fertile). I'm incredibly weary of candling them as I don't want to do anything at all to jeapordise our hatch! But at the same time I'm eager to see if our eggs are fertile!

    The incubator deals with temperature and humidity and is very accurate and consistent, so no worries there.

    Fingers crossed![​IMG]
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    i have never used the r com there is so so mutch information i dont even know where to start i found a book that help me greatly on hatching chicks its called A Guide to better hatching by Janet stromberg. there are many many more this is the one that i had avabile to me most all the info in the book is here on this web site along with a lot more if you have questions after reading something just post thelm some one will be glad to help or from what i have seen so far. Its one of the best sorces for info that i have found yet. Good luck with hatch.

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