Boosting Room Humidity During Lockdown


9 Years
May 15, 2010
In order to make some of my other, rather interesting animals, happier, and to make me nostalgic for my studies in the tropics, I am thinking of getting a humidifier and making my room a bit more humid. I then thought about how people say not to open the bator during lockdown so as not to "shrink wrap" the chicks, and I got curious about if anyone, for one reason or another, upped the room humidity to minimize that effect. I am going to go with the regular lockdown rules should the time hopefully come, but I was curious if it had been done.


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12 Years
Apr 11, 2010
I'm going into lockdown tomorrow. I've never worried about the room temp if everything has gone well to this point. I do however raise the humidity in the bator...with a small, very small amount of water on a plain ol sponge. I know that the membrane can shrink if too dry, but just read somewhere on here, that you can have problems also having the humidity too high..the membrane gets "bouncy"? Makes sense to me..too spongy for them to kick it apart. So, I try and keep my humidity in the bator around the 60 mark, then it's what ever it is once they start hatching!

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