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    My hens have a large run, but generally nothing to do, they already have feather pulling issues, with the more aggressive hens(mostly the RIR hens and black sexlink hens) pull the tail feathers of the more docile hens (my Easter Eggers), but im afraid it might be getting worse as more are begining to lose their rear back feathers and tail feathers and im hoping its just boreddom. are there any ideas for making a play-groundish area for them? they do free roam when we're home to watch them, but if we go anywhere, they are stuck in they're run so no predators(so far, just hawks and falcons have eyed them) can get them. I already asked my dad if we could make a couple swings for them, but was curious if i might be able to do more fore them
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    This link should help -

    For sure, putting objects, swings and roosts in the run is a start. The link should give you a little more background into the causes of feather-pecking and what to do about it. It's likely that you may need a suite of interventions before things get better. Unfortunately, once it becomes habitual, it can be hard to break - but cross that bridge if you come to it.

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