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    I ended up making my own scratch by mixing regular scratch which i think was just cracked corn, wild bird seed and and another extra bag of boss so its really super boss heavy, so would I want to feed this a little more frequently since its "extra bossy" or does it need to be limited still to treat status? I usually throw in about 3 handfulls every other day or so to 3 chickens. I didn't measure anything when I mixed this up, it was pretty willy nilly but I would say that its at least 60% boss. If anyone can make heads or tails of what im saying here, thanks!
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    That's fine. I would rank boss higher than "scratch" in my book. I do something similar as well, by mixing in boss with my organic 3 grain scratch. I don't use corn at all since it's just not popular with my girls. They eat it, but I never see them go for it so I figure I won't even bother.

    I do it as a convenience to myself so that I only dip into one bag instead of two.
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    Just to give you a quick recap of what I am dealing with regarding this exact subject. I've been putting out a very similar mixture for them every morning, high in boss with a mix of other seeds and scratch. As the winter has progressed, I've noticed they are not eating their layer feed. They've become too dependant on the boss and scratch.

    In summary, I am going to cut back on the extras and give them about half of what I have been giving. If you have noticed your hens are eating both equally, I would not think that you have anything to worry about.

    Hope it helps.

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