both happy and sad--finally got my roo--2 of them ?????

old geezer

9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
cambridge , ny
..finally got my roo--
......sooooooooo happy cause button who was a fast favorite ,and a snuggle bug to boot , is defenitely a roo.
....but i didn't realise the out of the same hatch , polly is really a paul......
...when i went out this morning to give the their treats isat down in a lawn chair with coffe to watch them and the 2 fur ball dogs---polly and button ran right at each other ,hackles out ,chest bumping , wings flapping and a little beak to beak play...
...polly ,{paul } flew up on the jungle gym,and button actually did a strut , stretch out drooped his wings abit and did and his first crow--sort of---- more like a yoddle , it was so hellarious it was cute and i had to laugh--
.....again so happy---but sad as the wife --[warden] says only 1 roo----so tues when i bring the 2 chicks to the farm down the road---polly is going also----sad:(......but a roo---finally a roo....


8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Gaylord, MI
I'm glad you have a rooster finally!
I do think it's funny though, how you say finally.
The rest of us seem to have roos coming out of every orifice. >_<
The other one, Paul?
Might not be a roo....when the birdies are young they all tend to have disputes that way.
Maybe wait it out until it crows or lays an egg?
I dunno!

Have a great day!
I have three roos right now...gotta go find a home for one.
To the farm stores!


8 Years
Feb 1, 2011
You never know, Polly might be a girl.......I caught my roo and hen fighting through the fence yesterday!

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