Both hen and rooster taking turns sitting on the egg in nest box. Why

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    May 6, 2008
    I have a pair of seramas named Don Carlos and Lolita. (they just got baths and were so cute) Lolita laid her first egg yesterday. We were all so shocked we stuck it in the fridge in an egg carton till we could figure out what to do. We thought she was so old she just did not lay but apparently one of the boys is the old one(three younguns and an old one freebies was not sure who was what) So today I put a box in filled with wood shavings for her and put her clean little(nickel sized) egg in, now they have taken turns all afternoon sitting on it and fight to be the one. Is it the box or the egg or just a game. Does it matter? As long as I put the eggs in the fridge for a day they wont be fertile anymore right? (those two go at it multiple times a day lol) I would have no clue what to do with babies is all. Also, what do other people keep theirs in? I have a separate male who must be mr. ancient here and I was thinking of buying a cage for him. I am converting a large sunny closet into an indoor aviary for the other two and will have an access door to a run for them.
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    It could just be behavioural for a serama cock to set too...I don't have em...

    Someone else on here recently had their roo setting too...

    You have chicks unless Lolita incubates her egg/s for 21 or so days.

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