Both hens in nesting box

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    So I picked up my two hens this past Sunday. Everything is going great! I've gotten 3 eggs so far in 4 full days of having them. To me that was completely unexpected and well, great for me. Since I didn't need to wait for them to get used to their new home so I can enjoy the biggest benefit of owning chickens,

    so today I noticed the hens weren't in the pen so I walked over to see what they were up to and I noticed both hens were in the nesting box at the same time. Based on when the last two eggs were layed I figured one of the hens was laying. So I went back in my house and gave them space. After a few minutes I notices both hens were back outside in the pen. So of course I went right to the coop and checked the nesting box. Sure enough there was an egg.

    Why were both hens in the nesting box if just one was laying?
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    Because chickens are funny creatures.... This isn't really unusual behavior. Some will stand outside the nest and sing the egg song if another is in the nest laying. Some will do this singing after they have laid. Some just seem to ignore the whole process -- quietly lay their egg and return to foraging. That's half the fun of chickens. Some roosters guard their hens when they are in the nest, some get in with them, some ignore the whole process. They are indeed individuals.

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