Both roos?


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Im wondering if these guys look like both roos to anyone else there about 5 weeks old i had hatched them otta incubator for my kid in hopes of a couple hens but the older they get the more the both look like roos to me. Only real difference im seeing is the ones cone is very bright red in comparison to the others is very light both are developing spurs and are about the same size. Also would anyone have an idea what breed they might be. Pics to come shortly when i figure out how to attach them sorry im new to this forum.


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We need pics...
Both females and males have spur bumps and hens can actually grow spurs (I had one with 2 1/2 inch long wicked sharp spurs). Combs will develop differently with different breeds and even within breeds. Pics are the best way for us to help you.
Im tryin to attach a couple to uploads now it lets me attach but when i hit submit it does nonthing how do i speak to a moderator without taking from my post here and going off on a technical subject?
I think you have enough posts - did you go to the uploads link and upload your photo ? After than you just need to "copy" the image link and paste it into your post. You won't see the picture until the message is actually posted.

Not sure if that helps or not ...

You need to use a photo editing program (I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager) and resize the picture to 640x480 pixels, if the pictures are too big for the BYC uploads to resize (there is a box to check for it to automatically resize photos).

Yup. The one in the second picture. All boy. Can't see the comb on the other one in the first pic, so I won't venture a guess on that one yet.
OK pretty sure first little guy is a roo so how about this guy? Almost identical to the first guy waddle is a little smaller and his cone is very much paler and light. Also would anyone care to make a guess on what breed these little things are.


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