Bought incubator-attempting to hatch our Coturnix quail eggs.! ALL INFO appreciated!!

Discussion in 'Quail' started by katlovesaandw, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. katlovesaandw

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    Apr 1, 2008
    So, we have had Coturnix Quail for 10 months. Plan was to get them as chicks, cull any males for freezer and eat and sell eggs.
    Well, we still have all 19 of them. Hubby wants to bring in new ones. I said we have fertile eggs, why not incubate... then a GREAT sale at the feed store.... bing, bang boom.....
    There is now a fancy incubator sitting in my kitchen.
    Quail eggs are being collected and positioned and our first attempt starts tomorrow night.

    So.... those that have successfully done this.... any info would be great.
    I have read 99.9-100* for temp in incubator and 50-60% humidity..... is that about right?

    We have collected 10 eggs last night, storing them room temp, small end down. Will get tonight and most of tomorrows and then start.

    Question, we have another 15-20 sitting on counter we collected Fri/Sat but they were not stored small end down, etc. but have been sitting at room temp. Would they be viable to put in too?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Fat Daddy

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    Dec 11, 2010
    Yes, the 15 or so will be fine. I would orient them properly when you can, but you have not hurt them too much!... I once gave a ice cream bucket of coturnix eggs to a friend, . As I collected eating eggs Id just throw the cot eggs in the bucket. No way I could ever eat and hatch all I was getting. Some of them had been there for nearly a month.... He later told me he boiled most for eat'n but set the last 60, of which more than 20 hatched... . I truly feel you can use a lazy cat in a sunny window to hatch coturnix.... If your new bator has a fan inside it, 99.5 is the temp you want to shoot for. If there is no fan, try 101..... as for humidity, I shoot for 40-45% for incubation and 60-65% for lock down and hatch.....Welcome to the addiction, Good luck! Bill
  3. katlovesaandw

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Thank you Fat Daddy!
    Yep, has a fan, heater and auto egg turner.
    If I am buying one, I am buying the cadillac of them.
    I run a childcare, I do not have time to hand -turn these eggs by hand, etc.
    Off to orient the other eggs the right way, as you said.

    I will be sure to report back my hatch rate!!

    Thanks for info!

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