Bought my first red goldens the hen PURE? HELP?


9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
Have been getting hatching help from the chicken community over on their message board:D
Now started my hobby in ornamental pheasants after lots of reading and visiting local farmers etc.
Bought two well bred year old males on Eggbid which will be here next week.
Today found a wonderful old man locally and dropped in to visit his birds.
He had Red goldens, goldens, a cinnammon golden male, dark throated male and ringnecks in together in a large pen with tons of hideyholes and all seemed to get along fine.
The price was right so I purchased a red male who is very nicely colored and has the smaller build. He's also giving me one of his hens which he assured me would be pure but I don't know how to tell a red golden hen from a cross breed. I am concerned that she may not be pure, and may be related to the male as his birds run together and I thought a couple of the hens appeared large, although not as large as the ringneck hens. One hen was very yellow in tone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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If he breeds in a community pen,I doubt she is pure.I find it hard to believe they coexist together without problems,escpecially with ringnecks in the pen.Unless his pen is 500x 500 or bigger there will to bloodshed.
In N.H.,Tony.
Thanks Tony. I was surprised. The birds were all in great shape! Is a red golden hen a different color than a yellow golden?
I thought you could breed a red hen with both yellow, and cinnamon, and you'd get all red, then if you mixed their offspring with a red rooster you would get all red. But if the offspring were breed back with a yellow or cinnamon the baby would be that color.
You will never get all red or should I say pure red when crossing any goldens.There is no way of telling what you get when you cross them back.
In N.H.,Tony.
So one of the hens was distinctly pale yellow/pale brown in color. Could she have been something other than a red or golden?

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