Bought three 8 week pullets. Had to leave one cockerel left

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by cuteychickens15, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. cuteychickens15

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    Aug 7, 2015
    The other day, i bought 3 8 week pullets but the box the man took them out of, there was the 3 pullets we bought, a cockerel of the same breed (buff orpington) and a few other breeds. What if now that cockerel is lonely and wondering "Where has the rest of my breed gone?" He will probably be killed slaughtered soon, I think that he was going to make a new flock of chickens with them with him being the cockerel and the ones we bought the hens but now we bought the pullets, he might kill the cockerel and get some more eggs just for them to be the same age and I feel guilty.

  2. Cack-a-doodle

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    Apr 28, 2015
    If you can get the poor guy and don't have any laws or any other issue with crowing I say get him he might fit well with the pullets you got.but if you don't want to..... Any way it's your choice.
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    Think carefully about whether or not you REALLY want a rooster. He will crow a lot, beginning about an hour before sunrise. It's also recommended that you have 8 to 10 females per rooster, to make it less likely that the rooster will over-breed any one female. Sometimes egg production is less with a rooster.
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    Birds don't know breeds. That cockerel still has other chicks to hang with so he'll be fine. Maybe he likes redheads, who knows [​IMG]? Trust me, pretty much no one is slaughtering an 8 week old Orpington to eat, there's simply no meat there. Don't feel guilty and don't go buy him. Start with a nice flock of hens for a year or so before you start adding roosters.
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    If you want him, get him! I am sure he will not dislike you for not letting him be killed. I know most people say that you need a dozen hens for each rooster, but I have never found that to be true.

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