bovine question

Henny peeny

12 Years
May 4, 2007
Anyone have bovine a..cattle a.. cows bulls

I am wondering as to some things no I can't have any but never know

Do they need shots and if so what do you gi9ve they shots for and what of their hoofs do you have to do like horse and have a freerier out what of feed what do you feed them corn I here of corn fed does this mean they only eat corn how ccan they that isn't enogh for their bodies is it and what kind of things can they get do they get rabies or distemper or can the get parasit3e the dogs get and how do you treat them my huisband would kill me if I had to bring a calf in ( we have a guy that has bovine and sometimes a calf will not eat and once I i was asked to care for it I feel awful I couldn't but I was to go to the hospital to see his mother so I could care for it. but what is the stuff I should know of them I can read it in the books but first hand I feel is better I find in the books don't give all the info on Chicknes I have learned on these message board for chickens I am sure you understand.

I don't know much of this beast and would like to learn more.


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