Boy or girl?


6 Years
May 18, 2018
East Tennessee
A29A3819-5724-4C87-9290-F467300DB7DB.jpeg 5EBE9644-BA9C-426C-94EA-E3571E25A8A1.jpeg
Please ignore the boo boo above the beak, one of the big girls didn't want this one in her space. Eight weeks old.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Thanks chickenlittle21. Yes, but I have another chick almost identical and it is usually those 2 that exhibit this behavior. Probably just need to cool my jets and let nature take its course. I will know in a few weeks for sure. It just seems I am in the pasture with them so often I can't see the changes. Sort of like you don't notice your own children growing but others do! They are fun though!

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