Br... Roo Or Hen?


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9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for any advice in advance.... I have two barred rocks and I am thinking they are roo's but one is starting to confuse me. He looks a little bit smaller then the other and his tail isn't getting long feathers on it like the other one. They are 4 months old. The first picture is of the one that the tail is starting fluff out more and he/she is a starting to look smaller. And oh they are the exact same age...


Now the last picture is of the one that I am pretty sure is the roo. He is a bit larger and his tail is starting to show a curl to it.
Whatcha you guys think? Does anyone now also about there stripes I thought I read that the thicker the white it is a roo? Is this right?
Again thanks for any help sorry the pictures aren't better they are hard to get pictures of specially when there running around my yard. LOL I think they no I am trying to get that perfect pose. Fast lil devils...

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