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  1. chippy99th

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    Dec 17, 2016
    My two youngest chickens will be two months old in a couple weeks. They are a pair of the sweetest, smartest birds I've ever had and I felt like bragging! [​IMG]

    The chicks' names are Una and Mo (short for Geronimo). They hatched about mid-December. This was them at a couple days old. Mo is the one standing up. Una hatched missing a leg and hadn't learned to stand up well yet.


    They're mutts going back for generations, I'm not sure all the breeds because their ancestors were ferals from my neighbors. They've got bantam and Easter Egger in them, and one grandparent was Silver Phoenix, but that's all I know. Mo's white plumage was a surprise. Una's one-leggedness was too, my reaction was basically- [​IMG]

    This was Una today. As you can see, she's learned to stand quite well, even on one leg! And she's very pretty. She's the biggest cuddler and honestly just wants to sit in someone's lap all day, she's the one I point to when we have visitors and their kids want to hold a chicken (supervised, of course). She doesn't walk as much as Mo, but she can get around and even hop/run when she wants to.


    It's almost impossible to get Geronimo to hold still for a picture, but I did get one when he fell asleep during a neck massage! He looks dead, but he's not, I promise. Maybe a young rooster ought to have a little more wariness about a human hand around his neck! He's obsessed with being scratched and petted, he's like a dog.


    Both of them are in love with mealworms. They are very attentive and the easiest to train chickens I've ever had, especially when treats are involved!


    Both of them love cuddles and will mostly sit on my lap if I let them. No flightiness or reluctance to be picked up, even though they've had less socialization than other chicks I've raised. They're just so dang friendly! I'm thinking about Una becoming a therapy chicken, I think it would be a unique opportunity because she's got a disability herself (though it doesn't slow her down too much).

    Over the last few years, raising chicks has become more routine for me and I've been doing it in larger groups. I didn't intend on keeping any from Mo and Una's clutch -their mom surprised me with them -but I knew Una wouldn't find a home anywhere else, so I kept her and Mo. I'm so glad I did! I haven't been this involved in raising chicks in a while and I am having so much fun!

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  2. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    It sounds like both Una and Mo are doing well. I enjoyed reading about them and seeing the pictures!
  3. Lil Peeps

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    Apr 16, 2016
    Oh, this is all so, so sweet! I enjoyed reading this so much, thank you for writing and sharing! Una and Mo are ADORABLE! I am so, so happy that you decided to keep Una, even though she has a disability, and give her a chance at life! The ones with disabilities always are so sweet, like they are grateful for the extra you do for them. I also love the sweet pictures! Makes me want to snuggle with them and give Mo a neck massage!

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