Brahma?? 🤞 And what's this other one?


Mar 9, 2020
Yadkin river area NC
Okay so after my roo passed we started looking for a new one to protect our girls bc our silkie roo doesn't do as well as a larger breed. We were given this big one and told he's only 2.5 months and he's a buff laced Brahma. He's beautiful and he's huge! If he's really that young he is going to grow into a beautiful BEAST!! The other one I've put on here before but I'm pretty sure is a Brahma roo as well. We've had him for a while but he's getting new colors and getting pretty big as well. I love brahmas and I'm hoping these are actually brahmas so if anyone could help me I'd appreciate it!

Also this little pullet I have is so pretty but I don't know what breed she is and would love some opinions. She's the black and white laced looking one. I know that the one that looks like a barred rock is a barred cochin. But the other is the one in question. Thanks everybody!


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