Brand New to Chickens


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Northern Virginia

After planning to start raising chickens for the last year I finally took the plunge. I purchased three 18 month old hens over Labor Day weekend. The chickens appear to be a leghorn mixed with another unidentified breed. The seller provided me with a "coop" as part of the deal. Unfortunately the coop was nothing more than a medium sized dog house made out of particle board. Tomorrow I will be building a more permanent coop with the help of my neighbor. I base it off a design I saw at a Southern States store. If the coop turns out OK maybe I will post a picture on the forum. Anyway, this is going to be quite a learning experience for me. I'm sure I will have lots of questions for quite awhile.
Welco.e to BYC! You can find some great coop designs by typing that phrase the search bar! Also, it's always fun to type in where you are from to see of you have "local" fellow BYCers!

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