Bread used for chicken feed.

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    May 31, 2009
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    I could only find one thread, one page long, on feeding bread to chickens.

    When I stopped at the used bread store, they have a continual, manager's special... a grocery cart full of two day old bread, for $6. It is specified for animals, and you have to sign a sheet, stating thus.
    Let me tell you, this is the deal of the century. Over forty loaves of bread or buns, with only about a third of them being white bread. The rest was either, the high quality, dense breads, bagels or English muffins.
    I'm an animal, right?[​IMG][​IMG]

    Any advice on feeding the bread to the chickens, as a treat. Should I dry it? I do have a dehydrator. That would help me reduce the volume. Should I to toast it? How much, per day, can I allow the chickens to have?
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    My animals would love that !
    I would just dump a whole loaf out everyday.Really depends on how many birds you have...You can keep the bread in the refrigerator or freeze it.

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