Breaking an attack chicken...???


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Apr 9, 2009
She's no longer broody but boy is she gritchy! She pecked the back of my leg and then my shoes, then last night she flew at me head high! She caught me off guard but won't again! What's the best way to break this now other than the stew pot or freezer camp???

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Are you sure it's aggression? I have hens that pull at my pantslegs to get my attention. And others that fly up and land on my shoulders. But I remember that I was pretty alarmed the first time that happened! What with the big wings flapping, and the dinosaur claws clutching... Seemed kinda scary. I'm totally used to it now. Just have to make sure to keep my face turned away, because eyeballs are yummy.
Oh yeah it's aggression, she had fluffed out at what I thought was the other chicken and then launched herself at me. She puts her head down, spreads her wings and growls, normally at the other one! Not at me! But she came at me full force! We've been having an ongoing battle for weeks since she became broody and now I'm wondering if she is molting. Would that cause this problem?
With the roosters they tell you to hold them upside down by their legs until they stop flapping to show them who's boss I am guessing this will work for a hen.
Well that is so strange! I've never had that happen before. Sure, I've had an evil rooster, but never an attacking hen. Not even an attacking broody hen. I am so sorry!

The best thing I can think of is to carry something with you that will scare her, but won't really hurt her. A flyswatter, maybe? Something red? (My chickens are terrified of red things.) And use it to reassert your dominance. I wouldn't wait till she attacked me, though. If you see any sign that she looks like she's getting bad ideas in her little chicken brain, just chase her around with whatever tool of terror you have chosen.

But that's just an idea, and it's not one born of experience!

Good luck with your crazy little lady.
Red? I don't know that mine are terrified of red, but the ruby in my college ring intrigues my blue hen. She jumps up and pecks it if I don't watch her. She's never pecked my hand while doing it though, just the ruby. She's half-nuts, funny as the dickens, and always full of surprises. She's the lead hen and the favorite girlfriend of my rooster. EDIT: She's my favorite Orpington too.
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Yeah. I don't know what's up with that. But if I wear a bright red shirt, my girls all give the alarm, and they run from me. It's pretty strange.
You need to start catching her and carrying her around to show that you are the BOSS. Chickens have a pecking order and she thinks that you are beneath her. I have a roo that I named Beastie because he has always had a pecking problem. When I sit in their pen, if he comes up and pecks, I grab him and hold him for a few minutes. I pet him and talk to him while holding him. After a few, I put him back down. I have show him that I'm the boss in a nice way. I do have to repeat this about once a week or so but I'm not allowing it to become a bigger problem. Even if he's only pecking at my shoes or something shiny on my pants, this roo has shown that he has a problem with pecking. So grab her and hold her.

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