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    May 23, 2009
    I think I finally have a broody hen. When I got home from work, DH said he was unable to get all but 2 of the eggs because one of the Rocks was on the nest sitting on all of them and wouldn't leave. He tried stroking her but she growled at him [​IMG]. I asked if he wanted me to come out and help and he said yeah, maybe. So I grabbed the flashlight and headed out to the coop. Sure enough there was a BR on the nest. I reached under her and found an egg, she growled. I found another and another. I finally managed to reach all 6 from under her. I wasn't sure I had them all so I reached in with both hands and lifted her off the nest and placed her on the floor. She just sat on the floor with her head on her breast. I picked her up again and turned her upside down to see if she was having any egg problems, then placed her on the roost. She just sat like she was locked into that position. I pet her a little and then she pecked me. We don't have a roo, and we don't care to cater to her motherly instincts.

    So, my question is.... how long will she behave like this before she snaps out of it and goes on with daily business of eating, pooping and egg laying? They are penned all day and only allowed in a fenced yard after we come home, until dark, so there's no opportunity for her to sneak off. Will she continue to eat and drink?
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    You are going to have to get her away from the nest boxes for a week.

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