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    Oct 16, 2013
    Hi there - I have an 8month old Australorp girl who turned broody just over a week ago. We've removed all the eggs and of course she continues to sit in the nest box anyway. She's not overly defensive at all, she lets us take her out of the nest box very easily. At the moment I've got her in an all-wire enclosure with no bedding, food, water and plenty of sunlight. My question is: if I take her out of the wired enclosure and put her in the coop after dark, to sleep, and then put her back in the enclosure in the morning - will that ruin the whole cycle of trying to break her broodiness? I feel she's a bit too vulnerable to be left out there at night. Would love to hear from anyone with plenty of experience with broody hens! Thanks.
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    [​IMG] I remove my broody hens for 3 days. I have 2 lines black copper marans, and I serve eviction on broody hens, until they get their head straight.
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