Breathing labored, trying to eat and drink, unable to swallow

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    May 22, 2014
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    My the year old polish hen, no signs of any problems prior to today. Came out to feed and found her with both wings drooping, breathing hard. No noises. Absolutely no other symptoms, fluids clear. I haven't seen any poop yet. Small amount of food in crop, no signs of egg bound. I have not dewormed in over a year. I have 24 hens, all healthy. Feed organic, non soy non corn whole grains. Yesterday I did feed them all some left over turkey and a small amount of cottage cheeses, all fresh not old. A few days ago I feed some cooked lentils. It seems she is having a problem swallowing and breathing. She is in the house wings touching the ground.
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    How is she doing now - any improvement by being inside?
    How is your weather - is it really hot?
    Could she have possibly overheated and gotten dehydrated?
    Trouble swallowing, did you check inside her mouth/throat to see if there was any obstruction?
    Do you provide grit for your birds?

    Bringing her in so you could monitor was a good move. Provide fresh cold water and wet feed until you figure out the cause of her breathing/swallowing problem.

    Let us know how she is.

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