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Aug 5, 2012
It's only something I've noticed in the last 4 weeks, and it bothers me slightly so any ideas, or anyone that says it's nothing to worry about would be gratefully received. One of my chickens breathing is noticeable just below her face / neck, it's mainly when she sits you can see it, I don't notice it on the other one - there's no movement, but it's plain to see on this one.
She's active, lays most days, eats, drinks, digs, has dust baths, all good signs, but sometimes I see her sit and her breathing noticeable, in-out, in-out...and occasionally she'll close her eyes. Is this just rest?
Vet was a bit puzzled, not sure. Wasn't worms, had wormer and saw nothing in poo.
He's suggested - Mycoplasma, Infectious Bronchitis and Aspergillus. Although reading up on these, they don't quite seem to fit.
Have used Tylan in the water for a week now but don't see any difference.
Any ideas? Or, is it normal? Do any of your chickens have this where you can see them breathe slightly heavier than the others?
This JUST happened to one of mine about 4 days ago and she died just this morning; but before you think the worse, another one (same breed and hatch) also started doing this last fall. She kept up, did well and just got over it. This latest one started the same way as yours and my other one that made it...I noticed heavy breathing (not panting, beak closed) but still doing her usual things. Sometimes I could hear her breathing and other times I couldn't. Over these 4 days, she just started declining. I couldn't bring her in the house because I have new chicks in here but I kept her to herself outside. Of course we had a cold blast with our weather so I'm sure that didn't help. It's not affecting any other hens so I don't think it's anything contagious at the moment. She was my largest hen, VERY heavy. She was still eating and drinking yesterday so ????? I'd love to know from others too. That was literally the ONLY symptom. She did not cooperate with any exams I tried but from what I could tell she wasn't egg bound, there was nothing down her throat that I could see, and outside of missing some feathers on her belly and some red skin, there were no lumps or bumps or anything. Even thought she was eating, her crop wasn't full and barely palpable. My guess is she wasn't eating enough so even though I saw her eating, she was likely just pecking. I added ACV to their water today and will be liberally spreading diatomaceous earth tonight. Otherwise I'm at a loss. She was just 2 years old this spring. I have three left from her group, and three 1 year olds from another hatch, all doing well. The chicks are 3-4 weeks old and also doing well. We did a ton of handwashing to be on the safe side.
Hello, just an update on this if anyone is interested, Tylan in the water was not working so vet gave us Baytril to use for 6 days. Right now, it seems to have worked, the breathing isn't noticeable at all, seems to have gone completely which I'm so thrilled about. Vet thinks it was a lung fungal infection, hopefully it's gone for good now. So, if anyone sees this heavier breathing with their chickens, ask the vet to consider Baytril.

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