Breathing problems


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Jul 27, 2015
Camarillo CA
Hi all

I have a 6 month easter egger, shes been really sick , first impacted crop almost was gonna do surgery , but vet felt the meds were working, now shes having breathing problems, shes on a stronger antibiotic and i had to get a nebulizer and doing breathing treatments , since none of the other birds are sick vet thinks it has to do with the crop issue, maybe aspiration causing a phueniona:( i still feel her crop is still large, but vet said its gone down alot..... i also kind of feel like i should have her in the house is a little cool here im in sounthern CA , but Im so unsure about what to do , she stands around most the time and her mouth is open u can see she taking deep breathes, do i keep with her girls or bring her in give her extra TLC ....anymore have any experience with this issue, we are new to having chickens i have spent so much money trying to save my baby....any suggestions ,
I think it wouldn't hurt her to have warmer quarters till she's well.
Healthy chickens can easily handle to -20F or lower but sick birds need to be at around 70-80F.

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