Breed and gender question

Amy King Hanson

Jan 20, 2016
Chautauqua New York
These were mystery chicks from a Meyer Hatchery order. Would you say Speckled Sussex and/or Jubilee Orpington
They are 18 weeks old.


Is this one a rooster (first two pictures are same bird)?

Remember.... Hatchery stock.
What do you think of this? I know my other roosters of different breeds from same order have large crests and waddles but I thought that maybe this one's was small because of slow growth.
Now that you say that, I agree too. I love the wording in the email. You have a Jubilee Orpington. Meaning, the one is definitely JO, but that other one... Not sure what happened there. LOL! Thanks for helping me out.
Sorry to dis on Paula, but that first bird is indeed a cockerel. Yes, I'd expect more comb at this age, but there are other male indicators. The saddle feathers coming in in front of the tail, the solid greenish tail feathers, and the overall shape. Compare his build to your pullet. She's rounded, feminine, and more finished looking. He's leggier, kind of gawky, unfinished looking. The coloring is also different. Overall she's softer colored, his colors are somewhat brighter with more contrast.
Wenger they were chicks the Orpington was yellow. The other was yellow and brown but didn't look like the Speckled Sussex chicks in the catalog. I wonder if there breeder mixed the two to get more speckled into the Orpington.

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