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    I got a barnyard mix of eggs these two im interested in getting ppls opinion about. One they are Three weeks old so not sure if anyone can tell but the white one i think is a roo, want do you think? Second one came from a green egg and is very cool about being picked up im sure its a pullet just wondering if its a mutt or a breed. Thanks





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    You're right about the white one being a roo I think.
    Legs are chunky and that's quite a comb going on. Could be anything breed wise though, some chicks are born yellow or white and then by adulthood they're speckled, black/brown, you name it. Will have to wait at least 2 months before having any idea.

    Speckly one, if it came from a green egg, chances are it's a cross.
    Because most chickens are blue egg layers, they have to be crossed with a brown egg layer to make a green egg. So that means the mum was a cross, so this little one is at LEAST a mix of 3 breeds.
    Looks a bit like a Cream Legbar/welsummer thing, but hundreds of breeds have stripes down their heads and eyelines. I'm assuming she had 'chipmunk' marking when she was born? Could be anything, but looks like a girl from here.
    It might be worth you asking what breeds they had running around together, but saying that, my eggs came from a lady who had over 300 chickens, 18 different breeds and 40 colour varieties, and I still don't know what mine are and probably never will....that is the joy of rearing mutts I guess! :)
    Good luck!
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