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May 28, 2020
Hi all,
New to the group and new to raising chics. I have 4 birds donated to me by a friend that was trying his hand at hatching for the first time. He has several different breeds in his flock (RIR, Barred Rock, Starlight Green Eggers, and Americaunas (which i am assuming are EE's actually)). He was not sure what breed the rooster was so I am fairly certain i have muts :). They are just over 5 weeks old and I am 90% certain I have 1 roo. Really hoping the other 3 are girls because I can't keep roo's where i live. i have attached photos from last week just before they moved outside and a couple from this morning but they are a bit blury. Thanks!
Chicks 1.jpg
Chicks 1.jpg
Chicks 2.jpg
Chicks 1.jpg
Chicks 2.jpg
Chicks 3.jpg
Chicks 4.jpg
chicks 5.jpg
Chicks 6.jpg
Looks like you could have two cockerels and one pullet, can’t see the other clearly. Please could you try to get pics without the mesh?
New confident the large brown one is a cockerel and one of the yellows is in question but seemed more roo-ish a week ago than it does now if that makes sense. Thanks for the input.
chicks 8.jpg
chicks 9.png
chicks 10.jpg


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