Breed confusion [pics]


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May 5, 2015
Good morning, all!

I have a bit of confusion when it comes to what breed my chicks are. We (make the mistake and) got them from TSC to "try" before we fully committed to long term chicken keeping. We wanted to start with a few chicks and assess the workload from there. So far I have been VERY pleased and we now have 33 chicks.

Anyway, I was told they were black australorp when I got them. I also know that the people at TSC sometimes don't know their ear from a hole in the ground when it comes to breeds.

Regardless, my delimma is that I was checking through the hatchery catalogs and noticed that their BA's don't have black feet.

My chicks (pictured below) are speckled in color, have white bellies, don't have white wing tips and their feet are black.

Don't mind the red glow of the heat lamp. They're about 3 weeks old, almost fully feathered and ready to go out.

Any guesses?


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