Breed? gender? Age?



Alright I just rescued my last two rescue birds as I dont want to over crowd my birds ^^
Here they are! What are they? Breed, gender, age? My guess is some kind of EE? And I was told they were born in May.
The one has such beautiful odd markings around its eyes!
So what do you think, girls or boys?




The orange one would not keep her head still so for the moment until she decides to stay still, that is all you get for a head shot.

Here is my Silkie Stella also if you want to take a guess of gender.

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I would say EE pullets, about 6 weeks? I am looking at the feet, notice the color?

Just a guess, I am new to EE's I have 3, 2 roos and one pullet...

my pullet: about 7 1/2weeks old


one of my roos, same age...see the comb? That is why I think yours are pullets


I have a black silkie, it is VERY hard to sex them till they are either laying eggs or crowing! LOL
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To try and find out gender I read somewhere that an old way that has been proven might work

All you have to do is hold the chicken by the scruff of the neck and let it hang and if it's true the males should bring there legs up and the females just hang there.

It's supposed to work so post and tell me if it does.
Good luck!!!!

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