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Apr 5, 2017
Would anyone mind identifying the breed of our chickens? We are new to chickens and curious of what they and our rooster are. Thank you.
Looks like you definitely have a Polish, the hen on the right in the 2nd pic. The white one may be a Leghorn, but the leg color is throwing me off. The brown hen looks like a Cornish, but I'm not sure about your rooster. He is stunning though :)
Roster may be a Silver Grey Dorkins? Last picture looKS to me like a Black sex link. The white one in the first picture may be a White Bresse....? How were you able to come across these? They are lovely.
we got them from Atwood's. We went for Rhode Island reds. But my son picked these out because they were "fluffy" so we got a very mixed batch. Thank you for your help.

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