Breed infulence success in introducing new hens to existing hens? Age?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Karen 2739, Jun 13, 2011.

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    I've read a lot about introducing new chickens to existing, but haven't really seen alot about the age difference and the breeds. I have a BO, RIR and LB who are now 10 weeks old and living happily in thier coop and run. I have three more that are only 6 weeks younger, a Americauna and 2 BR's. Do you think that they are so young that when I introduce them, when they are of the same size, it will be easier? Also, they are pretty docile. The BO is actually the top of the pecking order in the older girls, she is very sweet, comes to when I call her and I call her the chief of security, because she seems to warn everyone to run inside when anthing is going on. I'm really overthinking this after reading so many storeis.

    Thank you for your help [​IMG]
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    You are doing just fine, and it's perfectly reasonable to be concerned. The good news is that the younger birds are, the more easily they accept new flock additions. Since all of yours are under a year, I don't forsee any disasters headed your way. I'd advise that you put them on opposite sides of a fence or cage so they can look at each other for a week, but not physically interact.

    To answer the second half of your question, yes different breeds are more or less inclined to accept new member, but that can be negated by individual personality. RIRs do tend to be harder on newbies, but you said yours is laid back, so she might not even shrug at the additions. What I can tell you to look out for is the bird on the bottom of the pecking order. She will use this opportunity to finally establish dominance over someone. The smaller unestablished birds will be a tempting target.

    I personally usually don't have to worry about intergration because I have a bunch of gold sex-links. They're so laid back that the baby non sex-links I put in with them usually start chasing them around and establishing dominance. Just this morning I had to remove a 7 week old barred bantam cochin because she was bullying my sex links [​IMG] . I was so embarrassed for them, the cochin wasn't even a third of their size, and could only reach thier chest feathers. I mean really? A bantam Cochin? You're really going to let that sass you? [​IMG]

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