Breed to this Cockerel?


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Aug 29, 2012

The one on the left in the first picture is the same as the one in the second picture. I know they are both cockerels, they already started crowing. And I also want to know what breed the one on the right is...
Crele is a color, not a breed. I'm guessing both birds came from the same hatch as they look so similar. Their combs indicate a mixed heritage. There was a barred parent somewhere back there, but they're not pure bred birds. Some of those mixed barred cockerels come out sooo pretty!
Okay thanks. I'll take more pics today. The whole hatch of nine I bought were crosses, and I was told they were all purebred Rhode Island Red. I've got some more hens that have stumped me too, wierd colors. I'll get pics of them all.
I know Crele is only a color, but I can't figure out what breed they are.
The one on the right in the first shot has ear muffs and feathered feet! Lol And he's not a Bantam.... He's the same size as my standard purebreds.

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