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Mar 15, 2013
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I recently saw a picture of a duck on a pond. It was almost orange in color on its body with a black bill and black tail feathers smooth feathered with dark eyes I do not have the picture if i can find it ill post it but i was
wondering if anyone could tell me what breed it is and if it was a wild species or domestic. I am building a large pond 90ft x 200ft for fishing and for my geese and ducklings i have on the way and if the orange duck is a domestic breed i would love to add it to my flock and pond. I will try to find the pic if no one can identify by description.
Did it look like this?

if so, then it was a male cinnamon teal. They are a wild breed.
Sorry it took me so long to get a pic of the duck i was asking about. I was in the middle of hatching goslings and chicks this week.

Here it is...

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