7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
Shinnston, WV
Any idea as to what this little one could be? I bought 4 random brown egg layers, and am now having fun trying to figure out what breed they are. She is taking a dust bath, but the grey spots on the end of her feathers are not dirt, She is only a little less than 6 weeks old. Such a sweet little bird.

As my flock is aging, I am starting to notice traits that have me a little closer to their breeds. I am pretty sure the one pictured above and one other are are Delawares. Then I think my solid white without the cheeky feathers is a white Plymouth Rock. My black bird is an Australorp, and I know I have two Easter eggers. And of course there are the 6 Brahmas. I am basing this on where I purchased the 6 youngest girls and what they sell in brown egg layers. When I bought the last 6 chicks I had ordered 2 Easter Eggers and 4 Assorted Brown egg layers. Kinda wish I had gotten a few white egg layers, too.

Here are a few pics just for your enjoyment.

Yep, your white girl with the black collar and tail is a Delaware.

Pretty flock
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