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I ordered 25 chicks from a hatchery. I can easily identify my RIR's, Leghorns, and Columbian Wyandottes. I also got Welsummers and EE's, along with a mystery chick. These two look nothing like the rest. I'm guessing one must be an EE, but don't know which one.
Okay, then I think I have my EE's and Welsummers mixed up. I got 6 Welsummers (straight run), and 6 female EE's and 1 male. I have 6 that look like that one and 6 that are lighter with the stripes on the head. Next time I'll order better numbers so I can differentiate better. Thanks!!
Easter egger chicks can have an identical color pattern to Welsummers. Some differences to look for are

EE have pea combs, will look like a wide flat spot at this age. Wellies have straight combs, a row of points.
EE have green/dark legs, Wellies have yellow.
EE can have beards and muffs. Wellies have clean faces.

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