Looks like a backyard mutt to me. I dont know of any kind of chicken with that combination of features.

@Frindizzle, I think thats why its name it is 'Peter Gabriel' lol
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Yes I figured he was a rooster when I picked him out. The person I bought him from had a ton of pullets that he had hatched from a straight run of a mixed bunch of eggs. The marans, Brahmas and Leghorns that I got from him all looked true to breed. He called this one what sounded like a "japanese O-Hi-Cai" which I have no idea how to spell, so it has been difficult to google. He had a lot more of them and they all looked very similar.
He also said they were also his favorite breed. And he wasn't trying to make money on them, either. Every pullet was $5 which was a great deal.
It would be weird if Peter Gabriel was a mutt. The seller had many other breeds all appearing true to breed, with this little guy and 20 or so more similar looking to him. All were hatched at the same time. He is handsome, though. I am trying not to be in denial, it would just be weird since all the other breeds looked true. I will love him just the same lol
Looks kind of like an Ohiki to me, though it is possible that he is just a random mix.

Whatever he is, beautiful rooster!

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