breeder vs. TSC/Del's/etc


5 Years
Mar 30, 2014
Thurston County, WA
We got 10 Barred Rock chicks from a breeder who I happen to work with. We got a mix of ages from 1 day old (still had the egg tooth) to a week or so old. These chicks are pretty flighty but are growing at amazing rates. We go to bed and in the morning there has been obvious growth.

We got 10 from Del's and while they are growing they don't seem to be growing at the same rate. In fact the Bantam chicks don't seem to be getting bigger at all but they are growing out feathers. These chicks are much more friendly.

They are being fed/watered the same way and in the same environment. Is it the type of breeds they are or does coming from a breeder make a difference?

We've had them for one week.

Just to give you some ideas. Here is the biggest Barred Rock chick we got on the first day and yesterday

and two of the Del chicks (ID would be great if anyone knows what the two bottom are) Her/his wings have a very light pinkish tint to them. Very pretty. First day and then yesterday.

First day (hand fed this one pedialyte for the first 24 hours but he/she bounced back and is doing well now) I had some say this one is EE but another said welsummer. We have another one but he/she is lighter than this chick. I asked for EE's and was told they didn't have any.

I had ones from a breeder that grew slower than TSS. I thinks it's all up to the bird. My barred rocks grew so fast at 4 weeks I had them outside in the coop fully feather, and have had no issues. They stay in my run all day, and night tuck themselves in

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