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    This is for a mix of LF hatching eggs.
    The mix will come from the following breeds:
    Buckeye project (3/4 Buckeye X 1/4 Dark Cornish, make excellent sustainable meat birds and layers of large brown eggs)
    BBS Cochins
    BBS Orpingtons
    Easter Eggers
    Black Minorcas
    German New Hampshire Reds

    This is a mix of my choice based on what is available for the week. This is a great way to get a nice variety for a backyard flock, or to try on some breeds before committing to one or two.
    I do not breed mean roosters or hens. I am working toward SOP, however some birds are of better quality that others, but they are all breeder flock birds.

    I will offer at least one order of these per week through out the hatching season (until June). I will have other breeds to add to this as they start laying and backorders are filled.

    I ship Monday or Tuesday, barring snowstorms or other weather phenomenon that will prohibit shipping those days. I do not like to take the chance that eggs won't arrive before the weekend and get stuck in a post office somewhere.

    As is the norm, I do not guarantee hatch rate on these or condition your eggs will arrive to you in. I do a very good job of packaging with bubble wrap around each egg and enough padding to minimize damage. I cannot be held accountable for spiteful postal workers or machinery damage.

    I will have bantam eggs available as the season progresses and will include those as well.
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