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I am looking for photos by people on BYC. These photos should not have a copyright on them as I will be giving credit to the breeder/photographer. The photos will be published in a university-endorsed pamphlet. The birds in the photos need to be relatively clean and in good condition.

I am looking for male/female photos of good examples. I would like show quality so that people can see what I am describing in the description part of the pamphlet:

Sussex, preferably speckled as that is what I will be focusing on.
Rhode Island Red
Plymouth Rock, preferably Barred, but any of the most common varieties will work.
Orpington, preferably the Buff variety, but again, any will work.
Australorp, Black
Wyandotte, Silver-Laced, Gold-Laced, White, any variety really.
Brahma, any variety

Buckeye has now been added to the list!

And I'm gonna leave the last one up to ya'll. I've chosen 9 of the 10 breeds that I think are good beginner birds for any person getting into chickens. The characteristics are that the bird must be dual-purpose, have a somewhat friendly personality (not flighty)and be somewhat easily available. Let's consider it for a family. What bird would YOU want in your backyard? What would you recommend for your friends or neighbor?

I will probably need to photoshop backgrounds out of the photos and do resizing to fit the pages so please do not feel offended. If you would prefer to email me the photos so that nobody can get them without the copyright, please do!

Thank you for any help!
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Woot woot! I think the nicest Dominique I've seen on here is NYREDS's pullet, so you might want to send him a PM to see if you could use some photos of his birds?

So glad to see the Dominique on there!
I'd happily give you pictures of our birds, but unfortunately none of them are really show quality yet, so
I have some photos of some ugly, skinny looking Wyandottes and underweight Brahmas. . .

Otherwise, hope others can help you out.
I have R.I. Reds that you can use if you want.

Rhode Island Red (Rose Comb)-


Not the best picture but if you are going to photo shop you might be able to work with it.
American Dominique-


If it helps, I think this pullet has extreme cuckoo patterning, from what I've been told.


Might help even just seeing the color difference between the cockerels and pullets on barred birds too.

Here is another color reference photo... actually that pullet's dam.

Look at the beak color difference between our pullets and Chris's, we all strive to have Chris's pullet's coloring, nice barring but not so dark on the beak or shanks.

Not sure if you're giving a discussion on these birds or just pictures of each breed, so I thought I'd add some comparison photos in case it helps

Please excuse the messy coop this is right before I cleaned
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LOL if I could get that hen to slow her laying down I think she might get the yellow back in her shanks and beak..

Here are some of my Speckled Sussex pics you can use if you want. You can take edit them to take out the date if you want.
I can also get you some pics of my nice looking Buff and White Wyandotte hens and Black, Barred, and BLR Wyandotte roos when I get home if you like.


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