Breeding behavior in 3-month old goslings?


8 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I have two young geese that are just turning 3 months old. I believe them to be White Chinese. Purebred something of unknown sex from a hatchery (Ideal I believe) bought at a feed store.

The larger one has just started to poke/grab the smaller one when swimming in their pond. The smaller goose swims away quickly and exits the pond, so whatever is going on is not welcome. I have never seen this behavior except in the pond. They are my only geese and are housed together.

They were hatched the end of July and were raised in the Houston area until early September when I returned home to Wyoming and encountered their first cold weather. I returned to the Houston area a few weeks later for two weeks and now they are back in the cold.

It seems very early for one to exhibiting breeding behavior. I wonder if taking them in and out of the heat/cold could have triggered it.

Is this just adolescent behavior suggesting that the larger goose is a gander? I don't think it is bullying as it is only briefly on the water. I've never seen any aggressive behavior between the two.


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5 Years
Aug 11, 2016
I'm doubtful, given their age, that what you've described is breeding behavior. It sounds more like typical dominance - the bigger gosling asserting him/herself.

Geese, even as adults, "goose" each other with some regularity. 😄

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