Breeding birds won't lay, suggestions?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Cleoandclover, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Jun 2, 2012
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    I have a trio of purebred show quality Seramas I want to breed. One hen got sick in the fall, and I treated her, and after she recovered(about the beginning of November) she and the other hen went crazy laying an egg a day thru December. But around the end of November I had to bring them in as the neighbors thought they made our lawn look ugly and started throwing rat poision over the fence. So I had to either bring them into the house or sell them, and I chose the first option. So I had five chickens who hated each other inside only two small pens. The spare bedroom they were in had only one small window, and was kind dark even with light fixtures. And I had to pack them into a pet carrier and lug them a half mile to range. Plus watch over them to make sure a barn cat wouldn't eat one. So until I finally got sick of the Cochin beating the little chickens up and found her a new home, they only got out of that room once a day. So they've been in relative dark for two weeks, and now they're going through a light molt. Is there any nutritional tricks I can use to get them laying? They have lighting going fourteen hours a day, plus thirty minutes free range like my mentor suggested. Thanks!

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    I don't really have anything useful, but inquiring minds need to know.....

    If you can't manage the birds you have, what are you going to do with the offspring? You don't have space/coops/runs to appropriately care for the birds you have. No offense, but if I were a hen I wouldn't be laying under such conditions, it's not an appropriate environment for reproduction.
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    You answered your own question, really. The birds aren't happy stuck inside that dark room in cramped spaces, they won't lay if they're unhappy.

    Instead of making the birds unhappy, you should deal with your neighbor instead. He is purposefully trying to kill your pets, that is against the law. You need to report him and/or do something that would prevent him from throwing more poison into your yard. It's YOUR yard, protect it, don't let bullies take it from you.
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    With the lack of light they did go into a molt and that will stop them from laying until the regrow their coat. As to the light it can take three to four weeks from the time it was add till they start to lay again, providing they were recovered from the molt. And if you have to keep them inside you may not easily have the space to provide for them.

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