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    I have looked and looked thru a number of BYC posts and topics and I just can't find this information...I want to see a list of what egg color the babies will lay if you mix certain breeds...

    Example..we are breeding Sapphires (aka Superblues) by mating our CCL boy with a White Leghorn female. The babies should lay blue eggs...

    So if I mate our CCL boy with a Standard Black and White Plymouth Barred Rock hen..what egg color will their babies produce.

    I don't care if anything autosexes..I just want to know what breeds mix to make different egg colors. Anyone?
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    This thread has some very good information. Tadkerson and Sonoran Silkies really know their stuff and spell it out easy for the rest of us to understand.

    If your CCL roo is purebred, and homozygous for the blue egg gene, mating him to any brown egg layer will give you offspring with one blue and one brown gene, giving a green egg. The shade of green can vary tremendously.

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