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    Jan 13, 2011
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    Hot weather just around the corner. I'm not at all jealous:mad: . I liked the BLRWs and had good luck with them. Pretty darned good egg layers also I might add! I surely like cochins but just dont have a game plan for any with our set up. We are planting some fruit trees this year and definitely some garden vegetables as well. Cant wait to sink my teeth into a nice fresh home grown tomato thats not hot house grown. Best wishes to you all also!
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    Feb 22, 2011
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    NHs and Catalanas in the brooder boxes. Eggs in the incubator, and collecting eggs for another couple batches. I may end up hatching 120 Catalanas this spring, and hope to set more this fall. I may keep setting eggs off of an individual hen, but I will probably give her eggs to broody hens. Time will tell how many it will be for the year. It could end up around 200. Maybe not. Things happen, and some things do not happen as we would like them to have.

    I had a scare. I cut the power off to my incubator and forgot to cut it back doing some remodeling. The power was off approximately 17 hours. There was two batches in the incubator. The first hatch was a little late, and drug out. Still 33 of 37 hatched. I have lost power, and accidently left it off before with decent hatches. Never for that long. There is another larger batch in there that may be affected differently. I will know come Sunday/Monday.

    I use a Dicky's cabinet incubator that has proved very reliable. It is easy to keep the humidity between 45-50% for incubating. I was using a separate hatcher, but now I am using the hatching tray. I lightly mist the eggs in the hatcher a few times before the hatch. I will set two batches at a time, doing a thorough clean between settings. Separating four batches in two settings allows me to have the space of time needed for my little system to work.

    They tray has dividers and a cover, but I also like to use some pedigree baskets for the smaller matings (pair or trios).

    I have five "families" put together with the Catalanas, each emphasizing something different. I intend to combine some, and continue with two, and another that is a modified grading project.

    I am essentially re creating them (in the project line), using Catalanas as a control. The intent is to build an outcross, and improve body color, size, and fleshing. Given the size of the gene pool, if I did a full grading project, I would have ended up back where I started. Therefore, I used and am using a third breed, rather than two. I will go back to the Catalanas next, and maybe this fall. One batch is 3/4 Catalana, and another 1/3. Going back to the Catalana will make one 7/8 and the other 1/2. The fractions are just illustration. Selection can move you closer or farther away, and there are things we cannot identify or quantify. Without selection and a control it is like rolling dice. A control and selection is weighting the dice. Regardless, they will be 7/8 or 3/4 (respectively)before I even consider using them.

    The NHs are on the backburner until I make another step or two with the Catalanas. I see promise, and I have some concerns. I am better off than I was when I started. My confidence has grown, but I can still have a big set back or two.

    These projects are a lot about the numbers. It means hatching a huge amount of chicks, and keeping very few.

    Regardless of how we mate them, breeding poultry is about moving a population in a particular direction.

    We are warm here. 80 today. My blueberries are blooming and leafing out. The warm season grasses are greening up. Azaleas blooming etc. We are vulnerable to getting one more frost.
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    My Coop
    Nice report on your projects.
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    Mar 11, 2014
    I have 30 barnyard mix eggs in the incubator currently. Today's day 14 and I'll be candling later once it gets dark. There are 34 one week old chicks + 1 three week old BYM in the brooder and 3 four week old chicks running around with a broody hen. One of the chicks from the broody hen looks to be a cockerel, one is likely a pullet, and the other is a Langshan X that's taking its own sweet time about developing.

    I took the CX pullets out of the brooder for a little bit today and put them in the run since it was so warm out. They tried to hang out with the older chicks who ran around a bit too much for the CX to keep up with. They enjoyed stretching their wings, sort of ran around a little, and all of them were happy to scratch around for spilled grain.

    The weather here has been wonderful. It was about 70F today with a gentle breeze. We worked on burning brush today and discussed plans for the new coop. The young fruit trees have leafed out, the mature trees are flowering, the bees are buzzing, and we've been working on putting the rest of the garden in. We're heading into town this weekend for a plant propagation fair and also to run some errands.
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    Nov 13, 2014
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    I'm on Day 15 of incubation of 5 remaining Bielefelder eggs. I actually only expect three of them to hatch as two of them seemed questionable at last candling. I'll also be getting some Silver Grey Dorking eggs in the coming weeks. I'm VERY excited about those as the SGD was the first breed I really fell in love with for some reason, but I was never able to find any chicks for sale when I first started establishing my flock. Now that I have an incubator and a new barn on the way...things are just falling into place. [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2014
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    Getting warmer here, hens are laying more with he increase of daylight, I didn't put a light in their coop this year just wanted to see what would happen. Very pleased I still got some eggs throughout winter. Guess adding light was a waste because we just want eggs for ourselves not for selling. Still going to be in the single digits for a couple of nights and then the teens, daytime temps in the 30s to 40s. Our tulips are usually up by now but they are currently under two feet of snow. Been good weather for the maple sappers mmm maple syrup! Come on spring!
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    I'm breeding pullets this year that just came into lay, so just waiting until those pullet eggs gain their proper size before breeding. Meanwhile I'll have a chance to work on breeding pens and other projects. I'm okay with getting a later start on the breeding and incubating, as I'll be more likely to have a broody or two when the time rolls around. That gives good options for hatching or for fostering, either one. Or both!

    Meanwhile the egg count is increasing...will have to start unloading some eggs here and there. We're too far back in the sticks to be selling via a sign by the road...that road is half mile out.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    I have 112 eggs in the incubator. Naked Necks, Easter Eggers, assorted Colors of Marans, Alohas, and some mix breeds, a few Isbar crosses. 85 of these eggs are shipped so not sure how good the hatch is going to be. I have plans to keep around 30 to 35 of these if enough hatch and sell the rest. If things work out I will probably do 1 more hatch in the fall for another go around of my project that I'm working on my Green Egger Naked Necks.

    I have 13 chicks in the brooder room at the present. These are what I've kept from my New Years hatch. Trying to finish another run and get them moved take open the brooder room fro the upcoming chicks.

    My own flock is just now beginning to pick up on their egg laying. I currently have 21 hens that are in lay, with another 7 that are 24 weeks old and 4 of them that have started laying. These are Naked Necks, Easter Eggers and crosses of them, with a little bit of Priduction Red in a couple of the EE crosses.

    The weather here is really rainy right now, this week have had a little bit cooler weather than tge past two, but not cold, getting ready to start a small garden about the second week of April if the rain stops long enough to let the ground dry a bit.
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    Dec 8, 2011
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    Hey your from my neck of the woods (well all most anyway) I'm just north of you about 2 hours off I35. I have a Uncle and Aunt living down there. I've also have my young peach trees bloom, haven't put out my tomato plants yet, still have them in their grow out pots. Going to transplant this this weekend to the garden. Also planting my cantaloupes and black Dimond watermelons. Have my red potatoes getting really nice shoots on them. Was worried because just after I planted them we got those 2 really hard freezes. I haven't started any thing in my incubator just yet, but I have started saving eggs to set next Saturday. Hatching out some RIR's from a few hens that lay 75-85 gram eggs. One hen will even shoot out a 90g and not blinking an eye.:cd
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    Apr 6, 2014
    Hoping within the next week we will have 12+ Biefelder babies!! We gotta win the online auction though

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