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    Breeding Projects
    Located in Frazier Park, Ca 93225 Pick up Only

    Project 1
    Wyandotte Pair $40.00
    1 Splash Hen and 1 Blue Rooster. They will make blue and splash colored chicks.
    Wyandottes are perfect homesteading chickens, great egg layers and meat birds.

    Project 2 option 1
    Blue marans $35.00
    Splash Marans Rooster and a Black Marans Hen sold as a pair. Together they will produce blue Marans chicks that lay dark chocolate brown eggs.

    Project 2 option 2 $45.00
    Blue Marans and Olive Egger
    trio (1 splash Marans rooster, 1 black Marans hen, and 1 black Ameraucana hen)
    The Splash Marans rooster with a black Ameraucana hen will produce blue chicks that will lay a beautiful olive colored egg.

    Project 3
    Barred Marans $45.00
    Beautiful, rare pure Golden Cuckoo Marans rooster with a red Marans hen. they will make pure marans chicks with gorgeous barring.

    Project 4
    Lavender d'uccle $25.00
    A beautiful pair (1 girl and 1 boy) of lavender d'Uccle chickens. They are both about a 1 1/2 years old. The hen hatched out a lot of cute lavender chicks last spring.

    Project 5
    Sebastopol Geese. $100.00
    It's very hard to tell between males and females of these geese but we have hatched fertile eggs from this pair so we can guarantee their genders. The hen has not started laying for this year so get her while you can because fertile eggs from Sebastopol geese sell for a good amount of money on ebay. Gooslings usually sell for over $60 each. They are a bonded pair and must go together.

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